Pumice Scrub 2.5%

Pumice Scrub 2.5%

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If you need a little extra oomph for your exfoliating, then you need this scrub. While you can use it on your face, it works well on other areas of your body too.


The benzoyl peroxide works to disinfect and exfoliate your skin. This cleans and clears your pores to aid in the better penetration of your other acne treatments.


If you struggle with ingrown hair, use this scrub to help treat them. This will prevent them from becoming infected by harmful bacteria.


Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%


2 fluid oz


Pure Beauty Skin Bar is a niche clinic that focuses on formulating skin care products that help clients restore their skin to look healthy and beautiful. Their products are both gentle and effective. This makes them perfect for skin of any condition, age, or color.


Buy this scrub and treat your rough skin, razor bumps, and any area you need exfoliating.