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Power C

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Power C is a powerful topical product that takes advantage of the benefits of Vitamin C for the skin, enabling you to transform scarred and dry skin into clear, rich skin full of shine and nuances. You can use this powerful antioxidant serum from Pure Beauty Skin Bar to add tone to your skin and make it become brighter and more beautiful.


This is an anti-oxidant serum that has the potential to remove acne scarring and hydrate dry skin. Thus, it is recommended during winter and spring, as it helps protect your skin against strong winds. The active Vitamin C together with other natural ingredients regenerates your skin cells and add more brightness and life into them. You'll not only feel better, but you'll also look much better.


Power C has these features:


Powerful anti-oxidant serum that removes acne


Includes Vitamin C to regenerate and revitalize your skin


Order this potent serum now and leverage the power Vitamin C has to clear your skin and revitalize it. You'llenjoy the outcome after using Power C.

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