Illuma Toner

Illuma Toner

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Once you finish using a cleanser, you need to use a toner. The Illuma Toner is perfect to use after you finish with the Illuma Cleanser.


This corrective toner picks up where the cleanser left off in addressing your dark pigmentation spots. This targeted approach of the licorice root will aid in lightening and brightening your skin's overall tone.


When you tone your skin you also even out the texture and feel of your skin too. With continued use, you will notice your skin becoming smoother and more balanced.


Azaelic acid


Licorice root extract


2 fluid oz


Pure Beauty Skin Bar is a niche clinic that specializes in formulating skin care products for those who have acne and hyperpigmentation prone skin. Their product will work with your skin no matter the condition, age, or color.


Once you cleanse your skin, use this toner to brighten, smooth, and balance your skin.

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