Illuma Cleanser

Illuma Cleanser

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Before you can start cleansing and hydrating, you need to address those dark spots. You could do this after you cleanse, but with this product, you could do it while you cleanse.


The Illuma Cleanser works to cleanse your skin. It also works to brighten your skin by removing the darker spots. This leaves you with brighter and more even skin tone.


The natural licorice root extract is a safe and natural way of targeting the darker pigmentation in your skin. This makes it gentler than other options that depend on harsh chemicals to achieve the same effect.


Licorice root extract


4 fluid oz


Pure beauty Skin Bar is a clinic specializing in niche skin care products that can help clients who suffer from acne and hyperpigmentation. Their products work to help those with all skin conditions, ages, and colors.


Say goodbye to those embarrassing dark spots by using this targeted licorice root cleanser to brighten your skin tone.


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