Hydramandelic 5 Serum

Hydramandelic 5 Serum

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Are you starting to notice that your skin lacks the luster it used to have? Then it is time to start using this serum to exfoliate the dead skin cells.


Include this serum in your daily skin care routine to even your skin tone. The active ingredients in this serum will not only cleanse and repair your skin, but it will also protect your skin from future damage.


The fewer bacteria, impurities, and damage your skin experiences, the younger it will look. Over time fine lines will begin to fade.


Mandelic Acid




Licorice Root


1 fluid oz


Pure Beauty Skin Bar is a niche clinic that focuses on formulating skin care products that help clients restore their skin to look healthy and beautiful. Their products are both gentle and effective. This makes them perfect for skin of any condition, age, or color.


Start using this Hydramandelic 5 Serum and enjoy smooth, soft, and wrinkle-free skin.

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