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If your skin is extra dry, you need to boost your moisturizing routine. If your skin is also prone to acne, then you need to choose your intense moisturizer carefully.


Thick and heavy moisturizers can feel heavy on your skin and clog your pores. Instead, opt for this hydragelto give your skin-deep hydration without the clogging.


With regular use, you will start to see the dullness fade. The hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its weight in water. This will give you the most moisture possible.


Super hydrating


Hyaluronic acid


1 fluid oz


Pure Beauty Skin Bar is a niche clinic that specializes in creating skin care products for those that suffer from acne or hyperpigmentation. Their products work on skin of all colors, ages, and conditions.


Start giving your skin intense hydration by adding this Hydragel to your daily skincare routine.

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