Blemish Chaser 5.0

Blemish Chaser 5.0

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Nothing is worse than waking up to find a blemish on your face. It's embarrassing.


By using this blemish treatment, you can treat your acne. It contains a mild exfoliant that will slough away dead skin cells.


It also fights the harmful bacteria that helps to create breakouts. Your current breakouts will be treated as well.


It's proven that benzoyl peroxide aids in the treatment of acne breakouts. With continued use, this treatment will promote the generation of new skin and the shedding of old skin.


Benzoyl peroxide


2 fluid oz


Pure Beauty Skin Bar is a niche clinic that focuses on formulating skin care products that help clients restore their skin to look healthy and beautiful. Their products are both gentle and effective. This makes them perfect for skin of any condition, age, or color.


Chase your blemishes down and get rid of them for good with this Blemish Chaser 5.0 treatment.