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Away With Acne Program

              Ever wondered what it's like to go through our Away With Acne Program? Check out some of our client results below:



Client: Joselyn

Duration of Custom Acne Program: 6 – 8 weeks

Favorite Product: The Hydra Mandelic Serum

Testimonial: “My experience with the acne clearing process started out as quite the roller coasters. Having never really experienced acne before I wasn’t prepared for the insecurities that came with sudden onset acne, but Sylvia worked wonders on my skin. I had so much support through the process and learned to really trust her knowledgeable and educated advice. Changes were made to my daily routine, but they were fully customized to my needs and I loved that. The Hydramandelic Serum is my favorite product because it has put life back into my skin! It has really softened impurity’s and texture in my skin.” – Joselyn





Client: Chelsea

Duration of Custom Acne Program: 6 – 8 weeks

Favorite Product: Koji Bright Serum

Testimonial: “The Koji Bright Serum made all of my dark spots go away. Because of the serum, you can’t even tell that I had acne. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience. In the beginning I struggled to change my diet and keep up with the routine. But once I finally buckled down and took all of your advice, I started noticing some changes. When I was no longer getting acne at all, I honestly couldn’t believe that something was finally working. I’ve been to numerous dermatologists, tried several medications, but nothing had really worked in the past. Now my face is so smooth and free of dark spots. I’m so glad I made that first appointment.” - Chelsea

Acne Treatment Services

Acne Detox 

This treatment focuses on reducing inflammation and delivering key acne-fighting nutrients deep into skin where it is needed the most.  The Pure Beauty Acne Detox combines deep cleansing, targeted exfoliation, and antibacterial treatments with extractions and reduction of inflammation to help restore your skin health and confidence.  You will leave with a targeted treatment plan so that you can do your part at home to maintain clarity and help prevent scarring. 

75.00 | 40 - 50 minutes

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Away With Acne Program 

Are you tired of dealing with Acne? Feeling like you've tried everything, and nothing is working? Over all the medications that have been thrown at you? Our Away with Acne Program is the solution to your problem. 

Sylvia Brownlee, the founder of Pure Beauty Bar Cincinnati, is internationally known as an acne treatment expert.  As there are many different types of acne, different stages, and different skin types, this treatment program will be completely customized to intervene exactly where you are today to get you on track for clear skin tomorrow. 

Our signature program will take you through a thorough, in-depth consultation process that addresses each component that will get you clear: diet, lifestyle, product changes, and ingredient alternatives.  You will then experience a series of detoxing treatments that remove excess keratin and sebum from each follicle.  These completely customized treatments feature targeted exfoliation, antibacterial therapies, and specialized application of curated active ingredients to reduce inflammation and normalize and balance the microflora and fauna of your skin, restoring the microenvironment to support healthy clearance.  The results will be a consistent clearing of your skin within 90 - 120 days (due to everyone's skin type being different results could vary depending on the condition of your skin), helping restore normalcy and confidence.  

If you want clear skin, this is the program for you.

585.00 | 90 - 120 days

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Acne Treatment Skincare

Our product line is very effective when used consistently in the correct manner. We do not perform acne treatments on clients who are not using Pure Beauty Glow home care products and committed to the full program and lifestyle changes.